Morbin Audio at Tileyard Studios

Morbin Audio has returned from a short visit to london meeting studio’s and producers and I am pleased to announce that the Morbin Audio demo gear is currently on demo at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.

Lots of great people were meet last week and out of this has come some exciting new product idea’s that will be in development as soon as possible. 

So if you are lucky enough to be part of the great Tileyard Studios then get in contact and find out how you can get your hands on the gear. Would love to hear your comments,

And keep those ears peeled for product announcements.


Morbin Audio


Morbin Audio Visiting London

Its been a great first week online and last week I have spoken to lots of people who own some great studios. Really looking forward to meeting some of you.

Morbin Audio will be in London this Thursday and Friday with some of its demo equipment so if you want a visit from me get in touch! 

Lots of things happening in the workshop too, coming in to the final stages of development on the first Bespoke design that will be on offer. Details will come soon and it may be with me on my visit to London.

Get in touch, Id love to hear from you.


Giraffe Audio


Currently the wonderful people at Giraffe Audio in Birmingham have got hold of the Morbin Audio C76a and the Mix Buss Compressor set up for demo. So give them a call to organise going down if you want to demo my equipment as well as a whole host of other great pro audio gear for your studio. As of next week they will also see the arrival of the D-LA2A joining their demo room.

No Excuses! They’ll even make you a coffee if you ask nicely 🙂

Tel: 01212705652 (Nick or Matt)

Morbin Audio Website Is Here!

Welcome to the Morbin Audio website!

Here you can browse through the Morbin Audio product range and check out the latest news with regards to new products that will be coming soon. As a buyer of Pro Audio equipment myself I understand the need to demo equipment and in some cases to discuss what product is best for your set up. So i encourage you to get in contact with me and keep your eyes peeled for places to demo.

If you own a studio, an AV hire company or just have some equipment that has gone wrong or needs upgrading then Morbin Audio can help, no task is to big!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me get this far, in particular the fantastic Vicki Westwood at DubberDigital for this website, Garazi at Garazi Photography for my product pictures, Giraffe Audio for their support, James at SSE Audio Group,  Mike at Metal Parts, Brian Sowter at Sowter transformers and everyone that is lucky enough to already own some Morbin Audio equipment!

Good times ahead!

Jon Morbin